In my childhood I heard a story about how a monkey is caught in the jungle. A simple trap that uses corn or wheat in a container with a narrow mouth. The monkey finds this trap and puts his hand inside to get to this food. With the fist open, the hand goes inside but once the fist is closed with the food, the hand cannot be pulled out. The monkey is stuck. No ropes or metal traps of any kind are used. The monkey is free to go. But it is trapped by its mind. Unable to let go.

I became fascinated with this story and often told it to friends. I realised how we are always trapped by our mind in every situation. Work , relationships, money, sex… it is all in the mind. With time, I saw people close to me fall into the same trap again and again. I realised that the devil we seek freedom from is not external to us but a part of us. And the God we seek is no different. The answer lies within. The mind!

The story became my inspiration to start this website and write about my observations.

I call myself an amateur philosopher. I have been interested in philosophy and physchology all my life. A bit of a dreamer but always a thinker. I knew I was spiritually inclined but it was not till a few years ago that I finally found myself through life changing events. I joined yoga and meditation classes and became inspired enough to want to become a teacher myself and so I did. I also did Counseling courses and went on to do NLP training. So not only do I have the training but also the life experiences to reflect and talk about what it takes to liberate your mind.

I think most of life’s problems can be solved with common sense. However, the common sense is not so common. People set their own mind traps and get caught in them, unable to liberate themselves and be free. They get trapped in the emotions they experience and are unable to see the world for what it is. Transient and beautiful. If we were to observe ourselves from a third person eye, we would realise the futility with which we fight ourselves.

Articles in this website are evolutionary in my life journey. I hope you find them interesting. It would be nice to hear from you if you got this far in reading the website as it serves as motivation to stay on the journey.

I wish you luck in your journey and hope to see you back here soon. Live long and prosper!

Gurpreet Singh
Author of ToFreeTheMind.com