Where have I been

The original intention to setup this blog was to talk about yoga but I sort of deviated from that. I instead took a path to spirituality. Which perhaps was my target anyway but did not realise it at the time. I think you have to grow through these things before the purpose becomes clear. Yoga was a means to an end.

I have been listening to all sorts of things, reading all sorts of things and experiencing different things. I have come to realise that I don’t understand death and that to understand it I must first understand life. But in there lies a challenge that you cant understand one without the other. Does that sound like I am rambling. I must be for I don’t get it.

I also made my way to Japji Sahib and finally started listening to Prof Darshan Singh ji’s kirtan on Japji Sahib. I found it quite accidentally to be honest but what a find. I think it is one of the best things he has ever done. I found incredible amount of peace through this and I cannot thank Professor Sahib enough for doing this. Incredible stuff. I started from the 7th pauri thinking I already know pauri 1 to 6. Wrong! I had to go back and start listening to this from the begining.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing this with you. I will try and cross reference Rajnish in this and perhaps bring in some of the other works.

I am going to change the name of this site because I dont want to make this about yoga. I am looking for contributors who can talk and write on this subject. There is no money but an opportunity to learn and share experiences. If you fit this bill then please get in touch.

My new themed blog starts tomorrow.

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