40 days of nabhi kriya yoga

Did I mention that I have now done my 40 days of nabhi kriya. Yipee!!! :D

Do I feel any different? I think the answer is No. However, I am glad I did it. My fellow Teacher Trainers have said that they found the experience was more profound when they did it the second time. I dont have the commitment at this time to start it again but am happy to take their word for it. But I do think that my body misses the exercise. So for now, I am going to keep the nabhi as my regular set and do it when I am cannot get to a class or a group. I really enjoy doing yoga and meditation in a group. Perhaps good yoga experiences come from the energy a group creates. I certainly think that Kundalini yoga falls in that category. You can (and should) do it in isolation when you cant do anything else, but it is always going to be more fun in a group.

From today I have also started my daily meditation. Starting with 3 mins previously, I kicked it up to 6 mins today with a target of 11 mins by the end of the week.

Tomorrow’s blog: Has meditation done anything for me.

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