Perception is Reality

Ok, I stand corrected. Truth in not perception. Instead, Perception is Reality! What is the difference, you ask. Well, reality is what our interpretation of the truth and truth is what the facts are. There is only ever one truth which is always black and white I suppose (oh, how I dread those words). But our perceptions make everything a shade of grey. That shade of grey then becomes a reality. Which explains why eyewitnesses accounts vary. Different shades of grey! A dream for example is a reality for us. A reality that existed in our minds during our sleep. Now that we are awake we realise that dreams are nothing more than imagination with a mixture of our fears and emotions. That reality no longer exists when we wake up. Is our wakeful state any different? Our perceptions are influenced by our state of mind and the limited facts we know at the time we drew conclusions. Is that the truth or reality? I would call it reality as we know it at that moment. Because next day, when we know more facts, our reality might change.

My reality changed after I wrote the last entry. Perhaps it is safe to say that reality is in constant change and that something that is in a state of constant change can never become the truth.

Here is the subject for the next blog entry. If our reality while sleeping is the dream and we realise when we wake up that it was an imaginary world. What then happens when we die? Do we realise that this life was a dream and a figment of our imagination?

God, I am confused!

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